Optima Range

The 'Optima' range of Multi-Slide lathes has 2 machine bed sizes and 4 spindle capacities. The machines have a 3 axes uppe slide with capacity for 8 tools, 3 of them can be motorized. The 2 axes platen slide can up to 12 tools. 6 tools are used in the main spindle with a further 6 tools capable of working simultaneously on the second spindle. It has 4 positions for motorized tools allowing off-centre drilling and tapping. The second spindle allows the simultaneous machining of secondary operations. The machines are supplied with either an Interactive Touch Screen PC Control or Multi-Axis Mitsubishi Nano Control; both systems allowing simultaneous machining with up to3 tools. The machines are complete with parts catcher, coolant tank and swarf conveyor.

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