Hybrid System Laser Cutting Machines


Durma HD-M Hybrid Laser Cutting Machines

Durma hybrid laser cutting machines offer great flexibility, efficiency and accuracy. The system works as “hybrid” principle in which the cutting head moves in the Y axis and table in the X axis. The axis and table move with high precision ground ballscrews with direct drive technology. No belt and any transmission between the motors and ballscrews. This eliminates potential backlash problems. The Durma HD-M also features high productivity, easy to operate, low running cost, less maintenance, clean environment and high cutting technology.

In laser cutting machines it is very important to keep the beam width constant in order to achieve uniform cutting quality over the entire cutting range of the system. The HD-M Series achieves this by twin mirrors moving synchronously with the cutting head, keeping the beam width constant over the full travel and range. A cutting data library facilitates the cutting processes without any regulation. A cutting parameter page offers operators an easy way to regulate parameters when a special material needs to be cut. Cutting pressure, cutting gas, cutting speed, speed power, gas modulations and piercing cycles can be regulated easily through this user interface.



Standard Equipment            Optional Equipment


Compact, Hybrid system Laser Cutting Machine
PRC STS 2500W Laser source (Resonator )
CHILLER KLB-S 26-T tropical version Prevents condensation in hot and humid environments
Siemens 840D CNC Controller
Color screen
CAD CAM Software
Converyor belt
Scrap collection box
Laser Positioning diot ( Tracks the same way of laser beam on the sheet before cutting)
Laser Cutting head with 5” , 7,5” lenses ( Lens Adjustable )
Changable lens holder for lenses with different focus length
Central lubrication system
Special laser cutting options
Speed-Power modulation in order to get Sharp edges
Fast-follow , Head follows the sheet with high speed and precision
Simple user interface parameter page , Power-Speed-Pressure combination
Cutting possibility with air
Web cam for service
Compact dust extractor (Filter) - 2500m3/h
Add. External Software Dongle
Transverse conveyor belt
Tankheating cooling device Laser ( if ambient temp ˜ 17°C)
Transformer 220,440,575V
Special paint for machine
Laser Service Set
Lens ( 5" or 7,5")
Nozzle ( 1.0 - 1.2 - 1.5 – 1.8 - 2.0 – 2.5 - 3.0 ) 2 of each
Polish – 250 ml ( cleaning lens and mirror )
Cotton ball – 100 pcs
Acetone – 50 ml
Cleaning Tissue ( lens and mirror )- 500 pcs
Thermal paper – 10 pcs
Ceramic part - 1 pc


Specifications subject to change without notice


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