Laser Cutting Machines


Durma HD Series Laser Cutting Machines

High speed 2D laser cutting machines work with the flying optics principle. In this design, the raw sheet rests on the cutting table and the laser head moves in both X and Y direction. In this concept the frame and the gantry are welded and then stress relieved to eliminate deviations in the overall structure that can occur during the welding process.

All moving axis are driven by dynamic low inertia and high performance and maintainence free AC servo motor or high Dynamics Linear motor motion system.

View the HD Series Laser Cutting Machine video here.


Compact design
Various material types and thickness can be cut to any desired shape without tooling.
Capability to cut a hole diameter smaller than sheet thickness
Precise and dross free high quality cutting without need for secondary edge attention
Silent and clean working environment
Low operating costs
No “warm-up“ period for reduced startup times
Durable long lasting optics
True beam diameter held over 12’
Standard Equipment Optional Equipment


Control unit SINUMERIK 840D / 500 MB
Logbook function laser
USB 2.0
TFT colour screen
RJ45 network connection
Network connection incl. installation
"Cutting head Precitec HP 1.5” Can Bus with Full diagnostic
Full diagnostic Head controller EG8010C
Integrated piercing sensor
Integrated plasma detection sensor
Integrated 3 temperature sensor
Integrated Lens Breakage sensor
5", 7,5" Lenses
Exchangeable cartridge system for different focal lengths (dia 1,5’’ lens)"
Nozzle set of 3 pieces from each 1.0 - 1.2- 1.5 - 1.8 - 2.0 - 2.5 - 3.0 mm
Optical mirror 1 Set (5 pieces LT Ultra)
Continous cutting after PowerLost
Ceramic part set. 2 pieces
Shuttle table (Automatic palette change system)
Sheet-Check (Autom.sheet position and dimension sensing system)
Positioning laser diode
Central lubrication
Conveyor for small parts / slug
Slag car under pallet changer
Simple user interface parameter page ( Power-speed-pressure combination )
External Cad/Cam Software with Autonesting
Laser power control
Nitro-Cut ( High pressure cutting)
Progr. Cutting gas selection/pressure setting
Programmable power cycles
Sprint-Cut ( Optimisation of cutting-line)
Machine up to 43°C ambient temperature
Illumination for working area
Multi chamber exhaust system
Safety devices
Workshop programming
Beam tube ventilation with Air or N2
Air cutting
Pilot lamp
Premix laser gas
Exhaust air fitting at compact dust extractor
Special laser cutting options
Sharp corner overheat protection ( Speed-Power modulation)
Fast follow property of the head for high precision
Training support for Cad/Cam programming
Operation training
Air conditon for electrical panel
Web cam for service
CE Light barriers for shuttle table
Laser source Rofin or PRC
Motorized lens control unit, (Autofocus)
10" Lens
Tank heating cooling device Laser ( if ambient temp 17°C)
Linear Drive for X1,X2,Y axes
Add.Laser cutting head
Add. External Software Dongle
Clamps (5 pcs.) (not with auxiliary pallets)
Compact dust extractor (Filter)
Transformer 220,440,575V
Spray device
Special paint for machine
Laser Service Set
Lens ( 5" or 7,5")
Nozzle ( 1.0 - 1.2 - 1.5 – 1.8 - 2.0 – 2.5 - 3.0 ) 2 of each
Polish – 250 ml ( cleaning lens and mirror )
Cotton ball – 100 pcs
Acetone – 50 ml
Cleaning Tissue ( lens and mirror )- 500 pcs
Thermal paper – 10 pcs
Ceramic part - 1 pc
Cleaning brush
Auxiliary pallet slats in MS or SS


Specifications subject to change without notice

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