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New 2000, 800 x 800mm twin pallet, Seicos Sigma 16M, through
spindle coolant, CAT 50, full B axis, X=1120 Y=1050 Z=800mm
Stock Number: 
Heidenhain TNC 410, BT40, spindle speeds to 8000rpm,
1000 x 490mm table size, X=800 Y=500 Z=600mm capacity
Stock Number: 
Fanuc 31i-M CNC, tooling, Renishaw probe, speeds to 14000rpm
B axis, 500mm sq twin pallet, BT40, X=850 Y=700 Z=750mm
Stock Number: 
Heidenhain 370, 840 x 420mm table, BT 40, 22 atc, speeds to
6000rpm, X=580 Y=410 Z=480mm capacity
Stock Number: 
New 2008, speeds to 8000rpm, remote handwheel, coolant,
1168 x 457mm table, X=1016 Y=457 Z=457mm capacity, BT 40
Stock Number: 
630 x 630mm twin pallet, speeds to 10000rpm, BT50 , Renishaw
probe, through coolant, X=810 Y=800 Z=800, full B axis.
Stock Number: 
Twin pallet, Seicos 18M, speeds to 12000rpm, BT 40, 30
station ATC, 1120 x 510mm table, X= 1000 Y= 510 Z=450mm
Stock Number: 
New 1997, 4th axis, Seicos 10M, BT40, speeds to 8000rpm,
1120 x 485mm table size, X=760 Y=500 Z=500mm, Hand wheel.
Stock Number: 
Winmax CNC, 1270 x 610mm table, 10,000rpm spindle speed, 24
atc, BT40, 1066 x 610 x 610mm x/y/z axis travels.
Stock Number: 
Hurco Ultimax CNC, 24 atc, speeds to 8000rpm, BT40, coolant,
1020 x 420mm table area, X=762 Y=510 Z=610mm capacity.
Stock Number: 

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