Sheetmetal Machines

Cybelec DNC 90 Colour 3D CNC, tooling, light guards, 265mm
stroke, 3750mm between frames, 330tons x 4100mm capacity.
Stock Number: 
Initial pinch. Kick stop, drop end, 3 roll, 260mm roll dia,
pre bending 12mm, 2000 x 12mm capacity.
Stock Number: 
Fanuc 18i, tooling, light guards, 27 stations with 3 auto
indexing, 20 tons punch power, 1270 x 1000mm without repo
Stock Number: 
Euro III 3 axis CNC, tooling, light guards, foot control,
downstroking, 165mm stroke, 30 tons x 1550mm capacity.
Stock Number: 
Tooling, wandering foot control, light guards, 2550mm
between frames, 100 tons x 3100mm capacity.
Stock Number: 
Laser guards, tooling, wandering foot control, 5.5kW
2500mm between the frames, 120ton x 3050mm capacity.
Stock Number: 
EMA 2 axis CNC, light guards, tooling, upstroking, 100mm
stroke, 2600 between frames, 100 tons x 3050mm capacity.
Stock Number: 
light guards, wandering foot control, 2550mm between frames,
manual backgauge, 150 tons x 3100mm capacity.
Stock Number: 
70 tons, Angles 150 x 150 x 13 mm, Notch 90 x 45 x 10 mm
Shear 300 x 20, 450 X 15 mm, 45 mm Rounds/Squares.
Stock Number: 
Cadman CNC 6 axis, tooling, wandering foot control, 2050mm
between frames, 200mm stroke, 80 tons x 2550mm capacity.
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